2020 Executive & Directors


C. (Chuck) Stackhouse


Roger Lippert, P.P.

2nd Vice President

R. (Bob) Smallwood

Immediate Past President

Barry Evans

1st Vice President

Kevin Morgan


3rd Vice President

Dale Hutchinson

 If you know of a child that requires the help of Shriners Hospital Care, contact any Shriner or call 1-800-361-7256.


Richard Entwistle

R. (Ron) Johnson

Gerry Phillips

Douglas Shaw


Douglas Shaw 

Temple Board

Dale Hutchinson


Dr. Stephen Craig-Paul  

 Committee Chairman for 2019

Chaplain: David Jolly

Children Sports:  Roger Lippert, P.P.

Christmas Cakes: C. (Chuck) Stackhouse

Christmas Kettles: Ron Johnson

Golf Tournament:  Barry Evans

Greeters: Past President & Executive

House: Dale Hutchinson

Hospital Patient Care: Richard Entwistle

Membership: C. (Chuck) Stackhouse

Regalia:  C. (Chuck) Stackhouse

100 Million Dollar Club: John Watkins

Papyrus: Executive

Parades/Special Events:  Dale Hutchinson

Club Dance: TBA

Public Relations: Roger Lippert, P.P.

Roster: Roger Lippert, P.P.

Shrine Lottery: R. (Bob) Smallwood

Sick & Visiting: Kevin Morgan

Telephone Committee: Kevin Morgan

 Send a message to Secretary Roger Lippert, P.P.