The Greatest Philanthropy in the World

Shriners come from all walks of life.  They represent a cross-section of the various social, economic, educational and spiritual men found in North America today.  Most people identify Shriners as those men who seem to have such a good time at their conventions and run around in red hats – which are called a fez.  What most people don’t know is that every Shriner must be a member of the Masonic Fraternity and that the Shriners are the sole support of 18 Orthopedic Hospitals for Children, 3 of the finest Burns Hospitals for Children and 1 hospital that provides orthopedic, burn and spinal cord injury care.  All medical treatment, hospitalization, skin grafts, plastic surgery, etc. is at no cost to the patients and their families.  Third party insurance is accepted if available.  However, no child is refused treatment at Shriners Hospitals if they are unable to pay.  Any child from infancy to 18 years of age is eligible for treatment.  If you know of a child in need of such care, please contact us.  Patients in the Shrine Hospitals are children from communities such as yours as well as around the world.


Join the 100 Million Dollar Club

When you make a donation to the Shriners Hospital for Children of $100.00 or more or simply state on a pledge form provided by the Rameses Shrine Centre Recorder’s Officer, that you have made a provision for the hospitals in your will, or by a codicil to your will, and you will be issued a certificate signed by the Imperial Potentate. Barry Evans is Chairman of the 100 Million Dollar Club for the Orillia Shrine Club.   All donations to the Orillia Shrine Club will go directly to the Montreal Shriners Hospital, A plaque with your name will be mounted on our donor wall in the Orillia Masonic Centre.  Please note, along with the $100.00 donation you will receive an income tax receipt.