2024 Executive & Directors


R. (Bob) Smallwood


Roger Lippert, P.P.


C. (Chuck) Stackhouse

1st Vice President

Dale Hutchinson

2nd Vice President

Gordon Tait

3rd Vice President

Bruce Topping

 If you know of a child that requires the help of Shriners Hospital Care, contact any Shriner or call 1-800-361-7256.

Immediate Past President

Kevin Morgan


Michael Leppard

R. (Ron) Johnson

Douglas Shaw


Douglas Shaw 

Temple Board

Bruce Topping

Ambassador Emeritus

Stephen Craig Paul

 Committee Chairman for 2023

Calendar Lottery:  Shawn Hewlett, P.P.

Chaplain: David Jolly

Children Sports:  Roger Lippert, P.P.

Christmas Cakes: C. (Chuck) Stackhouse

Christmas Kettles: Ron Johnson

Golf Tournament:  R. (Bob) Smallwood

Greeters: Past President & Executive

House: Dale Hutchinson

Hospital Patient Care: Richard Entwistle

Membership: R. (Bob) Smallwood

Regalia:  C. (Chuck) Stackhouse

100 Million Dollar Club: Barry Evans

Papyrus: Executive

Parades/Special Events:  Gordon Tait

Public Relations: Roger Lippert, P.P.

Roster: Roger Lippert, P.P.

Shrine Lottery: Kevin Morgan

Sick & Visiting: Ron Johnson

Telephone Committee: Ron Johnson

 Send a message to Secretary C. (Chuck) Stackhouse